You are currently viewing “The Impromptu wedding of painting and theater” by David Rosenberg (Evreux, France)

“The Impromptu wedding of painting and theater” by David Rosenberg (Evreux, France)

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The Impromptu wedding of painting and theater by David Rosenberg (Evreux, France)

The Cabinet of Curiosities of David Boulanger, exhibition at the Mega-Pobec (Evreux, France) in collaboration with the Gallery La Cave d’Arts (Louviers, France) from June 2006.

The Impromptu wedding of painting and theater.

One can only be blurred and seduced by the pellet with which Jean-Pierre Brière, man called “theater”, answers these two delicate questions: “how to hang a painting ? “, “how to illuminate it? “.

Gone from a hunch or a stroke of heart, I do not know, the latter had the idea of “staging ” the works of the artist David Boulanger. He made a journey, where strolling through the corridors, halls and corners of the Mega-Pobec theater, we discover the painting of this artist as it had never been seen before.

The works radiate in a rustling darkness of whispers, strange sounds and classical music. In the manner of a child or a visiting detective without being invited in an old house, we discover different places haunted by images, inhabited by painting. This may also evoke, as the author writes, a nocturnal visit to a deserted Museum. Or else, a representation whose silent actors would be the canvases themselves. It is sometimes grotesque, sometimes troubling, but also erotic, macabre, fatal or even glorious.

On the one hand, by objects and decorations surrounding the paintings, J-P Brière emphasizes and magnifies the meaning and dramaturgy peculiar to these works. On the other, through games of light borrowed from the performing arts, he reveals the profound meaning of the painter’s approach, his main obsession: to change the mud of luminous gold pigments.

David Rosenberg, author and exhibition commissioner (Paris, June 2006).

Exhibition press kit “The Cabinet of curiosities of David Boulanger” at the Mega-Pobec Theater (Evreux, France).

The Cabinet of Curiosities of David Boulanger is an theatrical and scenographic course with more than 100 paintings of the artist, directed by the Mega-Pobec theater (Jean-Pierre Brière, founder) and organized by the Gallery la Cave d’Arts (Célia Ivoy-Lefrançois, co-founder).

Mega-Pobec Theater :
The Chapel

Street cavée boudin
27000 Evreux

Gallery La Cave d’Arts
11 quai street
27400 Louviers

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