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“O Bella Ciao” (Louviers, France)

O Bella Ciao (Louviers, France)

From March 05 to April 26, 2009, the collective exhibition O Bella ciao will be presented exceptionally at the gallery La Cave d’Arts in Louviers (France).

Following the success of Gérard Fromanger’s exhibition at the La Cave d’Art Gallery, a large number of renowned artists will be gathered there : Adami, Authouart, Bonneterre, Boulanger, Bouvier, Cadorel, Callouet, Clovis, Corbel, Crépel, Dubois, Duval, Favriou, Fromanger, Gaonac’h, Gemmal, Gentès, Georgin, Gil, Guillet, Guilloteau, Guilmet, Ivoy, Jeune, Kaï, Lamy, Layza, Landais, Le Lann, Leblanc, Marcelo, Margot, Miquel, Miranda, Monory, Norbim, Philibert, Picaud, Pilet, Robillard, Schwartz, Soïa, Stip, Tafghodi , Thébault, Thibault, Wa, Wolfe, Zéo.

The opening will take place on Saturday March 07, 2009 from 5.30 p.m.

A dedicace session will be held that same day.

La Cave d’Arts Gallery
11 quai street
27400 Louviers

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