You are currently viewing Blumann Gallery / The Black Gallery (Paris, France)

Blumann Gallery / The Black Gallery (Paris, France)

Blumann Gallery / The Black Gallery (Paris, France)

David Boulanger (VIDAE), permanent artist of the Blumann gallery (July 2009)

The Blumann Gallery, entirely dedicated to contemporary art, opened in July 2009, Place des Vosges, in the Marais, a historic district of Paris, where many contemporary art galleries and museums are concentrated.
Chantal Blumann, the founder of the gallery, father-in-chief conductor, grandfather Kappel meister of Magdeburg Opera and grandmother opera singer, has developed a strong sensitivity to artistic creation and has always been in search of innovative talents. She began as an agent of artists and art dealer through European capitals. Her approach to contemporary art is that of a true passionate lived as an adventure constantly renewed. The gallery open 7 days a week, Chantal Blumann wants to “wake up the Place des Vosges” and shake up the world of Paris gallery owners.

Permanent Artists : Pierre Terrasson, Yvon Cochéry, Eric Berger, David Law, Yann Sciberras, Pimax, Diane Von Schoen, Vanessa Vercel, Jeff Callec, David Boulanger, Eric Berger, Joan Laborda, Roy Lichtenstein, Karin Perez, Stephan Shrem, David Harel, Thierry Vieux, Peter Klasen.

[…] The gallery exhibits works of great contemporary artists like Yves Klein, Serge Poliakoff, Herve Di Rosa, Robert Combas, Arman, or Roy Lichtenstein, alongside those of young talents who are gaining a reputation on the market art. Profane or initiated, amateurs or collectors, visitors discover an accessible contemporary art, where sensitivity is privileged. Actu-fraî and

Blumann Gallery / The Black Gallery
4 place des Vosges
75004 Paris

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