You are currently viewing “D.Boulanger, Self-Portrait, Anticonformist” by Georges Ranunkel (Paris, France)

“D.Boulanger, Self-Portrait, Anticonformist” by Georges Ranunkel (Paris, France)

Presentation of the Platinum MasterCard Prize organized by ArtFloor, with Cornette St Cyr, Emmanuel Petit, Georges Ranunkel and Geoffroy de Francony.

D.Boulanger, Self-Portrait, Anticonformist by Georges Ranunkel (Paris, France)

D.Boulanger, Self-Portrait, Anticonformist

The portrait of Pope Innocent X, is a major work in the art of D.Boulanger, as a synthesis of the problems of the artist, a double reference to the famous portrait painted by Velasquez and the no less interpretation than in Francis Bacon. D. Boulanger does not fear the great history of painting, quite the contrary, he appropriates it, by his meticulous work on the subject, he confronts it, reinterprets it, deflects it and magnifies it.

“Convinced that painting continues to be a perfectly contemporary technique, he dares to take the risk of breaking with the conformism… of the break, […] Respect for the works of the past intertwines, merges with the need to betray them. ”

“It does not matter to him, he does not care to be frowned upon, or not seen at all, because, he knows, those who do not see him, do not see anything.” Pascal Bonafoux, famous historian, writer, art critic and curator.

“His main obsession : to change the mud of pigments into bright gold.” David Rosenberg, famous art critic, writer and curator.

ArtFloor Newsletter June 7, 2011, Georges Ranunkel / Geoffroy de Francony

Georges Ranunkel is the founder of ArtFloor, a consulting and sales company in the field of Art (which was one of the pioneers on the Web). ArtFloor intervenes internationally to advise private collectors but also many companies either for the constitution of collections or for their communication. Georges Ranunkel has participated for over 15 years in various countries in many juries, curating exhibitions and conferences to share the experience, the original approach of ArtFloor and his look at the world of art.  Huffingtonpost.

ArtFloor was founded in 2000 by Georges Ranunkel and Geoffroy de Francony. This innovative structure has been promoting artists for over 15 years. Originally composed of agents of artists and art dealers, the ArtFloor team decided in 2000 to simultaneously launch a new type of online gallery ( so that collectors direct access to previews and exclusives of the last selected artists. The site has since become a reference for the quality of its selections and the services that the ArtFloor team offers.

Their action towards the international promotion of artists has led them to study more than 48,000 applications.
The team now advises private collectors and companies in many countries and organizes exhibitions. ArtFloor also works for international or local companies that want to communicate around art projects (like MasterCard who commissioned ArtFloor to organize the MasterCard Prize).

The ArtFloor Team has formed a unique international network in the world of art. She works directly with private collectors or companies in a personalized way. Her experience is solicited for numerous juries, conferences or editorial participation for the Art sections of different media. ArtFloor Gallery.


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