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Official Quote (Paris, France)

Official Quote (Paris, France)

Quote approved by an approved Drouot expert (January 2016 – January 2018).

Christian Sorriano is an expert in Art and Antiquities, expert in public sales, expert and assessor at the Customs Commission, expert near the Administrative Tribunals, expert at the International Union, Mission charged by the French Government (order of 2 December 1992), in order to structure the “Professions of Art and Antiquities” and director of the Dictionary of Artists Rated GUID’ARTS.

The Drouot auction house or Drouot hotel, located at 9, rue Drouot and property of Drouot S.A., is the main auction house in Paris. With 15 auction rooms grouped into two specialized venues, the Drouot Hotel is a hub of the French and international art market. Wikipédia

Hôtel Drouot
9 rue Drouot
75009 Paris


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