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Pocket Art Studio Gallery (Roma, Italy)

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Pocket Art Studio Gallery (Roma, Italy)

My Colors 2, exhibition at the Pocket Art Studio Gallery (Roma, Italy) in collaboration with the Mega Art Gallery (Corchiano, Italy) from September 14 to 21, 2018.

At the Pocket Art Studio, in the center of Rome, the second show entitled “MY COLORS 2″ goes on stage for a week. As in the theater, the painting is the actor whose steps will be heard on the stage, 21 artists as a spiral and as perfection, because this is the magic of color. Color is a visual perception, intense in the visible spectrum. Mixing of techniques in inserting the primary colors : Red, Green, Blue. Color that helps to live and heal the body and mind. Colors represent self-confidence, brightness in seeing one’s journey, it is the beginning and balance, intellect and knowledge, it is the awakening of the interior that opens the doors to spirituality, passion and life. Color is identification with others, opening up and making oneself known. The painting reflects all that just described, arises between the painter and the spectator, it is the mirror that reflects, on the one hand, the being and the expression of the artist and on the other the catharsis of the observer. It becomes prism by projecting lightin to the surrounding space, the emotions that are captured and then understood, remember. These are the sensations that make the exhibition an integral part of our life, these are the sensations with which we approach the choice of a color, because the unconscious awakens, with him a silence that is not silence.

Just learn how to listen.

Marica Petti, gallery founder.

Pocket Art Studio Gallery
Via della Reginella 11
Roma, Italy

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