You are currently viewing “David Boulanger, “Little Indians” Series” by Célia Ivoy-Lefrançois (Gravigny, France)

“David Boulanger, “Little Indians” Series” by Célia Ivoy-Lefrançois (Gravigny, France)

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A Workshop – Espace Hubert-Lefrançois (Gravigny, France)

David Boulanger, “Little Indians” Series by Célia Ivoy-Lefrançois (Gravigny, France)

David Boulanger, “Little Indians” Series.

Through portraiture and self-portrait, David Boulanger explores and continues the history of painting. “As long as we linger, beyond the play on words and forms, it seems that we have in our artist, as with Satie (which claimed the surrealists), a question about being, a quest for identity.


Far from contradicting [this logic], the art of portraiture [is pushed] to the point of absurdity, limiting the representation to the “side” of the person. Thus in the series of White Collars, each referring to a profession that must be enough to distinguish : the Art Dealer, the Trader, the Lawyer, the Journalist. (…) The human figure is only evanescence, avatar, spectrum, reduced to what is not she but only the form she lives, namely her clothes.”

“From then on, we can no longer claim that Boulanger is a figurative painter: he is even the opposite, since with him most of the painting is precisely what is not there. By the anxiety he expresses through this aporia and under the guise of a willingly caustic humor, his art is obviously an existentialism; it is also, in spite of certain appearances, a humanism. Frédéric Jonnet, February 2010.

The series “Little Indians”, triptychs, quadriptychs, sweet or acidulated cocktails, comes from this humor, which is sometimes, according to some poets, the politeness of despair. It was chosen to combine, on the one hand, with the photographs presented by Éliette Lelièvre in the exhibition “With Time-Portraits”, on the other hand, as a colorful echo to the performances of music, dance, circus arts , during the “Warning! “A” Festival from November 19, 2011 to March 25, 2012, at the Espace Hubert Lefrançois.

Célia Ivoy-Lefrançois,

¡Warning! A Festival: photography & painting / calligraphy-performance, (saxophones, accordion, pianos, clarinet, harp, flute, violin, oboe / dance / circus arts …)

Exhibition “With Time – Portraits” from November 19, 2011 to March 25, 2012 at Espace Hubert Lefrançois, Gravigny.

Célia Ivoy-Lefrançois is in charge of cultural development in the city of Évreux, director of La Cave d’Arts contemporary art gallery in Louviers and director of the Atelier d’A art center – Espace Hubert-Lefrançois (ALCA) in Gravigny.

At the crossroads of aesthetics, ALCA offers singular artistic paths and inserted into regional, national and international programming: Normandy Impressionist Festival, Month of Contemporary Architecture, European Heritage Days, Retrospective of the painter Gerard Fromanger, Years of China and from Brazil … Its activities have been developing since 2011, at Atelier d’A – Espace Hubert Lefrançois, which was an architect’s studio: exhibitions, shows, workshops, conferences.
Between 2003 and 2018: 15 years = 105 artists, 56 exhibitions, 25 concerts and shows, 20 conferences, round tables. Facebook

Gallery La Cave d’Arts
11 quai street
27400 Louviers

Atelier d’A – Espace Hubert-Lefrançois
128 avenue Aristide Briand
27930 Gravigny

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